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Take a chance to explore and experience the feelings in the Art Exhibition HALL. Enjoy!!!

Nostalgia (2).jpg
Nostalgia (2).jpg
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Make it possible

Welcome to my website.

You are cordially invited to view clips of my artworks.

 I also present my artworks in my Youtube channel. Virtual exhibition will be conducted from time to time.

Art Gallery
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Life is Art

I’m EFM. My passion and enthusiasm in paintings were ignited by creating cards and simple drawings. After some time, I was inspired to go beyond. I began acrylic paintings on canvas and paper. The new adventure gives me abundant of joy and self - actualization.  As the number of drawings and paintings grew,  solo virtual  exhibition comes into my mind. 

I am delighted to enhance and keep on moving forward to produce more creative artworks in the future.

Crawling LIttle Blossom (0)
Snowy blossoms and lake (0)
4 seasons (0)
LE Cape Range Beach (0)
Glorious moment (0)
Golden Wheat (0)
Colourful flowers blooming (0)
Windy sea view (0)
Little white flowers (0)
Little yellow flowers (0)
Snowy Lake (0)
Red rugged land (0)
Colourful lake (0)
Greenery bushland (0)
Happy rabbit (0)
Planetary world (0)
Evening sky (0)
Dancing dophin (0)
Night seaview Roaring wave Seaside (2)
Night seaview Roaring wave Seaside (1)
Night seaview Roaring wave Seaside (0)
Red and white (0)
Roaring sea (0)
Silver and gold (0)
Four seasons 2 (0)
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Nostalgia homeland

A   for Art Gallery


My Artworks

My Artworks

My Artworks